A very capable and compulsive Lionfolk warrior who acts before he thinks and thinks after he acts.




Tymofarrar was a lionfolk warrior in-training, about to undergo the ritual of adulthood by hunting on his own and bringing with him game that is larger than himself. In the middle of the ritual he encountered several Illithids who used their psionic abilities to incapacitate him and abducted the warrior. They managed to wipe most of his memories and was in the middle of the process of putting him on permanent mind control when he manage to rage through and grabbed the opportunity to freedom.

Now he wants to go home, if home is nearby. It may not be near or may not even be on this plane of existence but he cares not. Still being hunted and pursued he joins an unlikely band that journeys the world in the hope that one day he will have a chance to go home to his homeplane. Tymofarrar


Unnamed: The Chronicles of the Torn Realities DOX_Kzerza