The last of the Guardians fought against a cursed Lich for thousands of years, and in their last moments before impending doom and annihilation of the world, the final standing guardian sought help from an unnamed deity and sacrificed his life to somehow give the world a fighting chance.


And so the deity took heed of his final request, and turned time back to a thousand years, right at the start of the Lich's rise to power. And as time reversed, so was reality warped, and existing heroes from a previous reality were brought in the new realm to give the world a fighting chance to save itself from the potential horrors of what is to come.

Will the party succeed in its objectives as they go forward to the quest? Will the band of misfits progress in their pursuit to save the world? Or will it just be another failed cause to an inevitable future? 

Unnamed: The Chronicles of the Torn Realities

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