Unnamed: The Chronicles of the Torn Realities

Synchronizing to Current Events Part 1

Hello there, it's Drake Lichtfaust here. I was assigned to chronicle this journey— for the most part anywhoo.

So we've actually started this campaign some few months ago. And this post here is just so we can get people to know the what current situation is right now. Now, enough delays. Let's start.

Also note, that this will be edited if any other of the player characters remember stuff that I don't on what happened on that day.


Here are the list of session titles for quick searching:



-Season 1 – An Unspoken Language- [8 Game Nights — 8/8 in this post]

{ENTER [DRAKE]} – Night 1 (06102016)

(Warrior)Rigel: Hey-uh, we're sorta lost are we?
(Scout): Well, we have been walking in a straight line, right?
(Barbarian): I see someone in the distance.

In the distance, they saw a tall figure it had glowing blue eyes.
As they drew closer to it, it's man cladded in armor riding on what looks like
a prehistoric bird.

(Warrior)Rigel: Hello sir, are you lost too?
(Paladin): Uh, I don't know really. I was just sent to this location and told to keep moving.
(Warrior)Rigel: Do you have a name? What brings you here?
(Paladin)Drake: I'm a Drake. Drake Lichtfaust. I was sent to these plains on a one-man crusade.
        They gave me this sword and just told me to get here as fast as possible.
        I think it's cursed. I don't know, it has the very menacing feel.
(Warrior)Rigel: Well, let's keep moving forward then.

And suddenly.

(Warrior)Rigel: Enemies!

They battle furiously then a large boar-like creature came into the fray.

(Paladin)Drake: Oh my.
(Scout): That's a big dude.

Screaming was heard from the distance.
A anthrophomorphic lizard-like creature tackles the beast.
The Lizard man was able to pacify the creature.

(LizardMan): I need warriors! Quickly!
(Barbarian): Is there rewards?
(LizardMan): Yes, now hurry, with me!

As they moved forward with the LizardMan, he relieved himself to as a [PRIEST MONK].
He explains along the way.

(LizardMan): There is an illegal slave trade going on these parts.
         Here, this is the ringleader's hideout. There's should be resistance.
(Warior)Rigel: Hold on, what's your name?
(LizardMan)Io: I am Io Rabbidtooth. Where I come from is not important for the time-being.
           Now, let's hurry.

They encountered the Ringleader and his minions.
His minions fell easy to the mighty warriors.
The Ringleader muttered to himself and casted— [FIREBALL].

Fortunately no one got badly injured from it.
The warriors started their assault on the Ringleader.
The Ringleader's frail human body did not withstand however.

In the assault, the Ringleader's robe was torn off.
The clouds reveal a full moon.
The Ringleader was a werewolf.

The warriors swung their weapons at him. But to no avail.
His wounds instantaneously mend.

(Warrior)Rigel: There must be another way.
(Scout): Hold on. Ah! There!
(Barbarian): What are you pointing at?
(Paladin)Drake: It's a chest. What's inside it?
(Warrior)Rigel: Welp. Better find out. You guys distract him for me, okay?

Rigel jumps out of combat while the rest distract the werewolf.
He quickly rushes for the chest.
He opens it and finds a [SILVER CROSS].

(Warrior)Rigel: Oh! Folks, stand back!

Rigel jumps back into combat with the [SILVER CROSS] held high.
He lands the [SILVER CROSS] through the werewolf's head.
The wolf staggers and disintegrates to ash.


(LizardMan)Io: I thank you for assisting me with this. Now, if you excuse me. I… have to be someplace else.

Drake recieves [WAND OF HEALING]

{THE FOREST OF FAIRIES} – Night 2 (06172016)

The party moves on forward meeting up with two other people.
Two [ROGUES], one of them is named Tess.

(Rogue)Tess: Oh hi, you three. And a new guy.
(Barbarian): Looks like you've recovered.
(Rogue)Tess: Let's keep it that way.
         So uh- going through this forest, huh?
(Paladin)Drake: I'm Drake Lichtfaust. I was sent on a one-man crusade to… wherever, I suppose.
        Why are going through here?
(Rogue)Tess: I'm trying to learn [ABYSSAL].
(Paladin)Drake: tilts head Okay… Why?
(Rogue)Tess: I wanna talk to demons.
(Paladin)Drake: tilts the opposite direction Ooookay.

The party treks through the forest.
They hear fussing. It's coming from a small pond somewhere.
It's a cat. Being tormented by water trolls. [KAPPA?]

(Warrior)Rigel: She looks like she's in trouble.
(Paladin)Drake: Let's go.

The party manages to scare off the creatures.

(Warrior)Rigel: Cat-like creature, what brings you in this forest.
(CatWarMage): I'm out here for shinies!
(Warrior)Rigel: What?
(Barbarian): Well, maybe if we keep moving we'll find shiny.
(CatWarMage): OH! OKAY! LET'S GO.

The party sees a large mansion in the middle of the forest.
Overgrowth has taken its toll. And seems like no one lives here anymore.
The gates have an inscription on them that it can be barely
worked out in [COMMON].


(Warrior)Rigel: I… Recognize this place.

(Echoing voice): HALT! TRESSPASSER.

They turn to see living trees… [TREANT]s have come to halt the party's progress.

(Barbarian): MUST. AXE. TREE. RAHHH!
He slashes one of the Treants in half. And as he reels back his weapon he cleaves another.

(ElderTreant): What?! What are you doing?!
(Rogue)Tess: (Wait. I'll handle this.)
         WE COME IN PEACE!

The Elder Treant glared at the rogue with a very disgusted face.
The Elder Treant slammed it's roots to the ground. Then ejected it through under the party,
impaling the Rogue. Fortunately, none of her vitals were struck.

(Warrior)Rigel: Whatever's in this place, you're not stopping me from finding out!
Rigel sliced and diced the tree until it could not communicate anymore.

With the Elder Treant defeated, and it's subordinates fleeing from the ferocious attack.
The party proceeds to open the rusted gate. It fell on the ground.
They went inside the mansion.

(Paladin)Drake: Well uh- this is a nice place to camp the night.
(Scout): I feel a prescence afoot.
(Paladin)Drake: Uh- lemme… Don't worry, it's just the [TIEFLING] Barbarian.
(Barbarian): What?
(Scout): Something else… [NIGHT ELVES]. They're not friendly, I pressume.
(Paladin)Drake: I don't see anyone.
(Scout): That's the point. They're magically concealed.
(Paladin)Drake: Well then.

The party almost fruitlessly try to fend off unseen foes.
Until a large being ascended from the higher levels and casted… [SLEEP].
Everyone but Rigel was determined enough to stay awake from it.

(LargeBeing): You. You are special. But for now. I must now put you to sleep. [SLEEP]

{OBERON AND TITANIA} – Night 3 (06242016)

The party wakes up at the backyard of the mansion, tied up.
The Large Being from last time was sitting in some sort of throne.

Oberon: What brings thee to the domain of [OBERON]?
(Warrior)Rigel: Your home? I thought this was…
Oberon: It was. But the people who used to live here are already dead.
(Warrior)Rigel: Any relatives?
Oberon: I'm not sure. Though, I'm quite sure that is not all you all are here for.
(Rogue)Tess: Safe passage? Through the forest?
Oberon: Uh well. I grant you safe passage, in MY side of the forest.
(Rogue)Tess: YOUR side?
Oberon: Yes. The other side belongs to my wife [TITANIA].
    And it seems you've caused quite a ruckus going through her side of the forest.
    You'll have to bring this up with my wife's court.
(Paladin)Drake: Where is it, then, your majesty?
Oberon: looking up
(Paladin)Drake: Oh. How do we get up there?
Oberon: I'll cast temporary flight at you lot, you'll steadily float up there.
    And hopefully somebody can dispell it before you float off the world.

The party was unfettered and flown off to Titania's castle.
Fortunately the party has caught on an outcrop right next to the main entrance of the castle.
Someone heard the thumping and opened the castle gate.

(ShortMan): HALT! Who goes there!
(Paladin)Drake: We seek to talk to your queen, humble squire.
(ShortMan): Very well.

The Short Man gets a long stick and projects outward to the party.

(ShortMan): Hold onto this and carefully move forward.

Once the party has gotten inside the castle.
The Short Man dispells the party's flight.
Funnily enough, despite his bulk, the Paladin landed unharmed.

As the party was escorted to the Titania's antechamber, they were all entangled by

Titania: Before my pet devours your pitiful existence, can you tell me a good reason to call her off.
(Paladin)Drake: We only mean to seek safe passage, your majesty.
Titania: Does that involve atrocities such as killing my Hair Stylist?
(Paladin)Drake: We are indeed at fault in this, but is there a way we can apease you without it involving
        being devoured by your pet?
Titania: There is something bothering me that's probably worse than you all.
     There is a Fairy village being ravaged by demons. I need warriors on the ground to take them on,
     sadly my men failed and more of them spawn the longer we wait.
     To apease me, I need you all to eliminate this threat.
(Paladin)Drake: Then it so shall be, your majesty.

She tells her Orkwood pet to let go of the party and led them to the a chamber.
In this chamber is a caterpillar-like creature.

(Warrior)Rigel: So uh. What's this?

The creature went into a cacoon-like state and popped out as a large butterfly.

(Butterfly): I shall be your transport, brave warriors.

The party was dropped off, on the outskirts of the village.

(Warrior)Rigel: Ahm. That's a lot of demons. We're outnumbered and it seems their no slouch in combat.
            (Scout), do you see anything?
(Scout): Well, I can vaguely make out what the buildings are, but that over there seems to be a church of some kind.
(Warrior)Rigel: Holy Power. That's it. Drake you know how to work with those, right?
(Paladin)Drake: I suppose.
(Warrior)Rigel: Question is, how do we get pass those numbers?

(RaspyVoice): Perhaps, I can help.

(Paladin)Drake: Oh hey, it's the Lizard Monk.
(LizardMan)Io: I can provide you with ample distraction to get a holy symbol from in there.
(Warrior)Rigel: Are you sure you can handle this on your own?
(LizardMan)Io: Do not worry. If you can retreive what ever holy item is in there, then these demons will start fleeing.
(Warrior)Rigel: Well, here goes.

As Io provides the distract the party rush towards the building.
They were intercepted by the General.

(DemonGeneral): You shall not pass.
(Paladin)Drake: Well, I guess we'll have go through this guy at least.

The Demon General, despite his combat prowess- fell due to the party's overwhelming attacks.
Sensing the death of the General, all the demons gathered upon the building, surrounding the party.
All of them are chanting in synchronous. They've summoned a Higher Demon General.

(H.DemonGeneral): Turn back now.
(Warrior)Rigel: NEVER.
(H.DemonGeneral): I can grant you wishes instead? So long as you don't bother us.
(CatWarMage): Oh-hoooh! I WISH YOU WERE MY PET!
(H.DemonGeneral): Wish granted.

(H.DemonGeneral): Now, you're my pet.
(Warrior)Rigel: YOU!
(H.DemonGeneral): Fruitless! Now, my pet, [HAIL OF STONES].
(Warrior)Rigel: Damn.
(Scout): (Rigel, he's sides are not guarded.)
(Warrior)Rigel: (What's the plan?)
(Scout): (I'll take the Paladin with me to search for the holy item.)
(Warrior)Rigel: (Well godspeed.)
(Scout): (Drake, you're with me.)

Drake and the (Scout) manage to sneak past the Demon General.
The rummaged the ruin of the church until they've uncovered a sort of altar.

(Paladin)Drake: This looks like something I pray to. Maybe something can happen if I can plead well enough.

Drake kneels and prays at the altar.
A from the pedestal of the altar, a glimmering flat circle was levitating.
It flies off to the outside of the church ruin.

In a flash of light a [TRUMPET ANGEL] appeared in front of the Demon General.

(TrumpetAngel): You've defiled this realm long enough. Go back to whence you came, demon!

The Trumpet Angel raises up his trumpet. He transformed to a sword and slices the General in half with it.
With the Higher Demon General defeated, his men retreated to their plains.
The Trumpet Angel turned to Drake. And gave him a small trumpet.

(TrumpetAngel): When in times of need…

The Trumpet Angel disappears in a flash of light once returning to a shining flat circle.
And breaking into many pieces.

(Paladin)Drake: Huh. I got a trumpet out of that. The village is still in ruins though.

The butterfly from before came back and restored the village back to its normal state.

(Butterfly): We've actually encased the village in a separate realm. And now that this realm is safe
         we can return the people to where they should be. They'll just remember they've woken up
         from a good night's sleep.
(Warrior)Rigel: Well, thank goodness.
(LizardMan)Io: Well then, everything seems alright with this scenario. Well, our paths separate here once more.
         Farewell, warriors.

Drake recieves [TRUMPET]
(Scout) recieves [GREAT BOW]

{FAMILY MATTERS} – Night 4 (07012016)

After resting in the restored village. The party has set foot on the road again.

They hear thumping in the distance. Thumping that of a horse.
It was a carriage of sorts. The coachman was a goblin.
It stopped the side of the road in front of the party.

A familiar lizard-like creature stepped out of the carriage but wearing something out of royalty.

(Paladin)Drake: Io? Was it?
(LizardPrince): No. That was my grandfather. Have you folks seen him?
(Paladin)Drake: Well yes. But, he went the opposite way.
(LizardPrince): But, I sense a strange resonance up that hill. No. It couldn't be.
(Paladin)Drake: What? That's— ahh!
(Warrior)Rigel: Drake, what happened?
(LizardPrince): Ah yes. It is great evil.
            My father. He seeks to conquer this world. I'm here to stop him.
            But it seems, he's gathered quite a significant amount of power.
            Luckily, I brought backup. This (Bard) and this (SamuraiWarlord).

            He will maintain our morale in battle.
            We must hurry. Before he gets any stronger?
(Warrior)Rigel: (Is hurrying like an inherent family trait?)

(Warrior)Rigel: Say. You look no older than your grandfather.
(LizardPrince): That is, because we the ability to move through space and time.
(Warrior)Rigel: So uh, time-travelling?
(LizardPrince): SPACE AND TIME. Not only through time, but through different realities.

A Large Lizard with [SCALE ARMOR] towers in front of the party.

(LizardPrince): FATHER! Cease this quest for power now!
(LizardDad): What is this? One of my younger colors? Who are you to give ME orders?
(LizardPrince): Gathering this much power will certainly grant catastrophic results!
(LizardDad): To stop me, you must be stronger than I! I have defeated several of this
         world's greatest warriors. What makes you different from them?
         Anyway, your determination shows! En garde!  

As the Large Lizard gets onto his combat pose, an emblem becomes clear engrave onto his [SCALE ARMOR].

(Warrior)Rigel: Wait a minute. I've seen that before.

(Warrior)Rigel: Father. That's my father's armor! You've killed him?!
(LizardDad): He went down effortlessly like the others! Hahaha!
(Warrior)Rigel: That's it, monster! You will pay!

(Paladin)Drake: … eh-heh. Feels like father's day.

The party engages in combat against the Large Lizard.
The (Scout)'s arrows were in efficient.
The party has trouble getting through the Large Lizard's [SCALE ARMOR].
Even the goblin coachmen was not able to dent it with his rifle.

(LizardPrince): Bard, grant me strength!
(Bard): I shall sing you a ballad of great strength!

The Prince has put on a good beating on his father.
However, his father immediately got up and performed an attack that
the party barely saw due to how fast everything happened.

The Prince fell on the ground.

(LizardDad): HA! Not even my son can stop me! HA HA HA!

As the Large Lizard was about to deliver the final blow. A voice from afar was heard.

voice from afar: NO! YOU SHALL NOT!

Io Rabbidtooth comes out of nowhere, landing a kick so hard that cracking can be heard from across the land.
It fell the Large Lizard unconscious.

(Paladin)Drake: Oh hey. It's you.
(LizardMan)Io: I apologize for my son's trouble. He gets a bit too greedy.
(LizardPrince): Grandfather, where have you been? Why have you left us?
(LizardMan)Io: I cannot be bounded in one reality nor in one timeline. There are forces out there that need
           to be dealt with besides our own reality. You will have to face what I face when you've
           gotten of age.
(LizardPrince): Yes, grandfather. Let's return father home.
(LizardMan)Io: I can tranport him back to whence he came. Bard, you go stay with him to tend his wounds.
(Bard): Yes, elder one.

(LizardMan)Io: Now. There's still a problem.
(LizardPrince): What?
(LizardMan)Io: How your father got this much power in such a short amount of time.
           He learned it from somewhere and is in that direction.

Rigel recieves [SCALE ARMOR]
(Rogue2) recieves [FLAMING WALKING STICK]

{CURSE OF A HERO} – Night 5 (07082016)

So the party set out on the direction pointed out by Io.
They meet a [SAMURAI WARLORD] falling down from the sky.

(Samurai): WHERE AM I?
(LizardPrince): Ah. You must be the warrior sent by grandfather to assist.
        Come now, your abilities are much needed.

(Samurai Warlord): looks at Rigel you look like Lizard. I shall call you Rizarudo-dono!

A ruins of a castle comes into vision of the party.
Albeit ominous, the party surges on forward.

The party was suddenly ambushed by [GHOST KNIGHT]s. Which the party
easily dispatched of. Suddenly the spirits gathered into a single point.
It formed a large armor. A great knight who was once a great hero.
Now his body is used as a vessel to keep an evil curse.

Drake became motivated with his great sense justice, was determined to put him out of his misery.

(Paladin)Drake: You have struggled for the longest time, hero, the gods will give you redemption.
        Now, en garde!

After a long and greuling back and forth between the [CURSED KNIGHT], the Knight was struck down.

(CursedKnight): I… Must pass on this curse. It must claim but one soul. It must have a vessel.

The party was concerned. Someone had to take his place.

(CursedKnight): The effects are not… instant… once it claims a vessel, it will take time to adjust itself before
        consuming the host.
(Paladin)Drake: I will take on the curse.
Everyone: What?
(Paladin)Drake: Huh. It's funny. This must be one them 'destiny' things.
        Who better to resist the curse than the one who's inclined to good?
        Just. Don't be hesitant to destroy me if I fail.

A mist engulfs Drake, and he was brought to his knees.
The glow of his eyes turned from blue to yellow.

(Warrior)Rigel: Drake! No. Are you alright.
(Paladin)Drake: smiles I will be. Don't worry.

(LizardPrince): Well, my job is done here. I… Hope you'll have good fortune in your travels.

The carriage disappears in a flash of light.
The party discovers a chest filled with spoils.

Drake recieves [FIRE LINE], [EMERALD]
Tess recieves [FROST AXE], [BIG GEM]
(SamuraiWarlord) recieves [CACTUS], [BIG GEM]
(CatWarMage) recieves [EMERALD]
(Scout) recieves [BIG GEM]
Rigel recieves [MINUTE HAND], [BIG GEM]

{GREAT DANGERS} - Night 6 (07152016)

The party journeys on in the quest of the rouge, Tess to learn [ABYSSAL].
According the old maps, they have to traverse through a mountain cave.
Rumors say that a very dangerous [MANTICORE] resides within. The [MANTICORE] has claimed
several victims. But this does not shatter the party's resolve.

As the cave comes into sight, they see a [SAMURAI] not one of the party's [SAMURAI WARLORD] recognizes.

(Samurai): Do you seek passage through this mountain?
(Warrior)Rigel: Yes, we heard a [MANTICORE] is residing here?
(Samurai): Fine, I shall let you go through, but first- let me test you.

(Samurai): I shall teach you how to percieve danger.

Rigel charges head-on first to battle but samurai was too quick and delivered a swift blow that knocked him out.

Tess using her [CLOAK OF INIVISIBILITY] sneakily approaches the samurai.
As Tess drew closer and closer to him, he sees a green sheen dangling from what seems to be a necklace.
The Samurai saw through Tess' illusion and another swift blow was delivered knocking out Tess.

(Rogue)Tess: Okay, guys, you can give up now!
(Samurai): Ah. I see your friend here has figured out what facing danger is. I shall let you pass.

The party proceed forward expecting a battle with a [MANTICORE].
But all they found was bones of it.

Something happened here.

And then a figured appeared from the shadows. A very large figure.

(Paladin)Drake: Don't worry folks, from what I've heard they only care for their horde.
        So long as we offer it something good, then it'll ignore us.

(BronzeDragon): Oooh~ And what do I owe this encounter?
(Paladin)Drake: We seek passage.
(BronzeDragon): Hm. Can let you pass but are you willing to pay the toll?

The party examines their inventory for items to offer the dragon.

(Paladin)Drake: I can offer you this [EMERALD]. I don't have the magical power to use it's properties.
(BronzeDragon): Oooh~ A nice item. How 'bout the rest of ye.
(Rogue)Tess: Here. We pooled our money for passage.
(BronzeDragon): Seems to be enough. Very well, through you go.
(Paladin)Drake: Hm. Before I go, is there something to get rid of this?

Drake pointed at his eye.

(BronzeDragon): Oh deary, lad. You better find help with that quick. The township ahead.
        It has been attacked by orcs, maybe there's something there that can help you.
        Make haste, before THAT thing gets worse.

So having heard this the party rushed downhill to the town.
As the dragon said, it's pillaged by orcs.

Altar at the far end of the village was being desecrated. 
A little girl is tied up on the altar.
The altar was set on fire.

As the party gets ready to engage into combat.
Drake stopped and started gasping.

It looked like he was in pain. Then all of the sudden a dark aura surrounds him.
It grew bigger and bigger until it dissipates.
What reveals a large demon that still appears to be Drake, but it isn't.

(Warrior)Rigel: Drake? Is that you?

The demon did not acknowledged him and moved forward towards the orcs.
He brutally diced the ones in his way.
He climbed up to the upraised platform of the altar and took the girl and put her on his head.

All the other orcs, scared of the demon ran away.
But the party faces a much, MUCH bigger threat.

(Warrior)Rigel: This is a problem. Drake- or whatever that thing is has the girl.
(SamuraiWarlord): Ah! Rizarudo-dono I have solution!

(SamuraiWarlord): I PLANT [CACTUS]!

As cactus grew quickly and morph into a [LARGE BOAR].
But the (SamuraiWarlord) was not able to tame the beast.

(SamuraiWarlord): HOI! BORE, I AM MASTER! OBEY ME!

Screaming at the top of his voice, he scared the boar back into a cactus.

(Warrior)Rigel: Well, that was a bust.
(Warrior)Rigel: Man, Drake must still be in there.

Rigel approaches the demon.

(CatWarMage): I have an idea! [HAIL OF STONES].
(Warrior)Rigel: What? No! You'll hit the gir— and she did it.

Luckily the girl survives this.
It was enough to knock some sense onto Drake.

(Warrior)Rigel: Drake, I know you're in there. Come back to us, please.
(DemonDrake): HAIL SATA
(Warrior)Rigel: No. TO US, DRAKE. TO US!

The demon kneels down ground shaken. And prays to Drake's diety.
A beam of light engulfs the demon.

Obadhai: My, my. Looks to me that you're not ready for this. I'll extract you out from this.

The beam dissipates. And Drake, was lying down on the ground without his armor.
It's a young boy, golden hair and very pale skin. His armor made him look like a very built man.
Rigel catches the little girl.

Shortly after Drake comes to his eyes glowing blue and realizes he is out of his armor. 
He hurriedly put it back on as if he was embarrased by it.

A gust of strong wind removes fire from the township.

(BronzeDragon): Wonderful! You've cleared out the desecraters.
        I shall give back your tolls. Here.
        And I see your friend there is now fine too.
        Oh~ this girl, she speaks draconian from what I heard.
        Can I have her as a companion?
(Rogue2)Cipher: I think she's in better hands with us.
(Warrior)Rigel: Well, she's human. And I think, she needs human parents.
(Paladin)Drake: Wait a minute, folks, she's a liability. It's dangerous to keep a citizen around us.
(Rogue2)Cipher: Don't worry, I'll take responsibility.

Drake twitches.

Drake recieves [SCROLL OF RESTORATION x5]


{CRIMSON CRUISE} – NIGHT 7 (07222016)

As the island Tess wanted to reach was just across the sea.
The party ponders upon how to reach the island.

Strangely enough, a boat has docked.
It quickly gathered a line of people.

The party investigates the scene.
And the crew were outside listing head count.
A close inspection shows two very well-dressed women.
It looks like a mother and a daughter.
A figure from the distance joins the party.
It's the [SAMURAI] from the mountains, along with him is a [CLERIC].

(Samurai): Ah. I sense great evil within.
(Paladin)Drake: You meant them, right? N-not what just happened earlier?

The party has boarded the boat with a fairly cheap toll.

Days have passed. And the boat was still filling with passengers.

(Warrior)Rigel: There's seems to be a lot of passengers boarding. Something's up.
(Rogue)Tess: Me and the (Scout) are going to snoop around for information.

A week. The boat has finally sailed.
The hostess of the boat welcomed everyone aboard to a ball.

(Rouge)Tess: I'll head towards the mistress and ask questions.

Tess weaved around the crowd and eventually got to the hostess.

(Rouge)Tess: whispers Where are we heading?

The hostess looked at Tess with a very frightning grim.


As the ball was come to an end the guests and the party were at their quarters preparing
to settle in for the night.

(Warrior)Rigel: Guys, I have a bad feeling about this. Someone be night watch.

The [SAMURAI] puts a potted plant on the window nearest to him.
Looking outside, a bright full moon fills the horizon.

(Paladin)Drake: What's that?
(Samurai): It's our final resort.
(Paladin)Drake: Ooh. Cryptic. Hopefully, Dino is alright being alone in the premium stables.
(Samurai): It can either cure or kill someone with lycantry.

(Warrior)Rigel: Let's draw straws for night watch, folks.

Unfortunately, Rigel draws the shortest one and gets first watch.

As the night matured, Rigel was suddenly knocked out.
After hearing a ruckus the party awoken.

(Paladin)Drake: Wh-where's the Samurai?

hears a loud roar at the top deck

The party proceeds to the top deck, waking Rigel along the way.
At the top deck they see the Hostess and her younger counterpart.
The Samurai right beside them bounded.

Drake steps forward.

(Paladin)Drake: Alright, what evil is going on at here?

The Hostess had her usual frightning grin.
She breathes heavily as muscles contract and grow.
She grows foxtails.

(Warrior)Rigel: That's a [KITSUNE]!

Then they turn the to her younger counterpart.
She also transforms but not fully. She has yet gotten used to the form and is clumsy.
The [KITSUNE] goes to the [SAMURAI] and tears his clothes.

(Kitsune): What a very handsome creature.

The [KITSUNE]'s claw grazes on the [SAMURAI]'s chest.

(Kitsune): You will make a powerful ally. Release your inner beast!

The [SAMURAI]'s chest glows with a symbol on it, he starts growing fur and a tail.

(Kitsune): A [WERETIGER], I see. This seal will not last long.

(Paladin)Drake: STOP IT!
(Warrior)Rigel: He obviously does not want this fate!
(Kitsune): Boys! snaps finger

The ship's crew, possessed by the [KITSUNE]'s magic came to block the party.
The party moves forward and dispatches in the possessed crew.
More came from the flanks.

The young [KITSUNE] came and tried to attack the [BARBARIAN].
He was able to restrain her with a bearhug.

(Warrior)Rigel: Wait, she's not fully a [KITSUNE] yet, maybe we can save her.
(Rogue)Tess: Rigel, you're the one closest to the door, go back to our quarters and get it!
(Warrior)Rigel: On it.

The Cleric casts [FLIGHT] and hovers over the [KITSUNE] in an attempt to distract her.
He dispells his flight will all his weight, the [KITSUNE] saw this coming and acrobatically leaps away.
Delaying her seal-removal of the [WERETIGER].

Drake, the (Scout), and the two (Rouge)s, are holding of the possessed crew of the ship
Rigel comes back with the plant.

(Barbarian): About damn time, she's very frisky.
(Warrior)Rigel: Here, catch.
(Barbarian): I just feed her this right? Okay.

The (BARBARIAN) fed the girl the flower.
The young [KITSUNE] was poisoned by the flower. And did not survive.

A loud roar came from the [WERETIGER].

(WereTiger): NOOOO!!!

The [WERETIGER] fully transforms and breaks from his bonds.
He jumped on the [KITSUNE] and mauled her to death.

After his rage, he slowly approached the dead girl.
Everyone was looking at scene and doing their condolences.

The magic dispels and the crew went back to normal.

After surveying the ship one last time, the [KITSUNE] had already eaten the rest of guests.
The crew in gratitute set sail to where the party's destination is.

Drake recieves [WHIP SWORD]


{ABYSSAL ISLAND} – Night 8 (07292016)

A beautiful tropical island beheld upon our party's eyes.
Tess is this much closer to learning the language of [ABYSSAL].

They were greeted by the fairly nice locals of the island.

(Local): Welcome the island. What brings you lot here?
(Rogue)Tess: I'm here to learn [ABYSSAL].
(Warrior)Rigel: Yeah and, by any chance heard of the [DELA FAYE] family?
(Local): These are questions best answer by our chief. Follow me.

They followed the local. As she led them to a big hut.
The chief looks like a large anthromorphic boar.
He is very wise and has lived on this island for quite some time.

The local approaches him and whispers to his ear.

(BoarChief): So, you wish to know where to learn [ABYSSAL]? And [DELA FAYE] that sounds familiar.
         As a well-travelled businessman myself, what do offer me in trade?
(Paladin)Drake: I can offer you a lot of gold.
(BoarChief): Fair enough, follow me. There is a large [CROCODILEMAN] who speaks [ABYSSAL] up in the volcano.
         From what I've heard he lives with his loved one who's name sound like the name this young man points a Rigel
         is looking forward. Come now, tread lightly.
         This forest is lined with very dangerous creatures both from above and below.

After a few hours of trekking.
They see a winged creature sitting by a lake.

(Paladin)Drake: That's. Oh my—
(Warrior)Rigel: What is it?
(Paladin)Drake: A [FALLEN ANGEL]. Casted away in shame from above because of a grave sin. They are punished
        to live here to atone for their sins.
(Warrior)Rigel: So, What do we have to do?
(Paladin)Drake: Well. If we trying fighting it, we'll all get demolished. Outrunning it is a joke. There must be something to atone his sins.
(Warrior)Rigel: Ah. I got it, that [TRUMPET], Drake.
(Paladin)Drake: I don't know how to play a [TRUMPET]. We may just aggrevate it even more.

(Warrior)Rigel: Wise one, do you have something?
(BoarChief): No.
(Warrior)Rigel: Come on, you looked like you were hiding something.
(BoarChief): Fine, its a [VIAL OF INSTANT REPENTANCE]. I don't like using these a lot. They're hard to find.
(Warrior)Rigel: Do it for us.
(BoarChief): I was saving this for a bigger occasion, but oh well.

The Chief approaches the [FALLEN ANGEL]. Breaks the vial, and puts his palm on the angel's shoulders.

(BoarChief): You have been forgiven.

And the [FALLEN ANGEL] has inside a beam of light, he was being brought back to the world above.

As they trekked closer to the volcano, the encountered the [CROCODILEMAN]. He was frenzied.
He in his rage, indiscriminately charged at the party.

He was stopped by the chief.

(CrocodileMan): Sh-she took her.
(BoarChief): Who took her?
(CrocodileMan): B-big SPIDER.
(BoarChief): You lot, go find this spider.

On the side of the volcano they find a cave with webbing everywhere.

(Warrior)Rigel: This must be it. Show yourself, monster!
(BigSpider): Ooh~ playthings!

The party dispatched the creature and rescued the hostage.
Then suddenly the entire party was thrown into a strange world.

What they took down was the physical manifest of the Diety of [DROW SPIDER]s.
She webs the entire party. And examined Rigel closely, as he was the one who dealt the killing blow.

(DrowSpiderGod): Wonderful, wonderful. A powerful champion! FOR ME! HEE HEE HEE! Soon enough, my champion.

Then party was spat back out into reality.

Drake and the (Cleric) were foaming in their mouth.

(Warrior)Rigel: ARE THEY ALRIGHT?

With everything taken cared of the party settled in the island more to rest.

Tess learns [ABYSSAL], [DRACONIC]



-Season 2: Day of Undeath


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