A level-headed witch who tries to make the best out of whatever situation she's in.




With nothing else but her familiar to serve as company, Aera wanders from place to place seeking nothing more than a place to fit in and somewhere to call “home”. Sometimes she’ll enter a new village, town or city under the guise of a regular human being, but every time her true nature is revealed, it doesn’t take long for people to grow suspicious and blame the next calamity or natural disaster on her, causing her to move on to the next town.

Constantly moving and traveling from one place to another has taught Aera to be patient and make decisions based on what will provide the most favorable outcome; whether it means obeying the law or siding with a band of thugs and mercenaries. She’s also learned a bunch of magic tricks that allow her to adapt to a variety of circumstances, making it difficult to find herself in a situation she can’t twist in her favor.

Backstory (warning: kinda long)

Orphaned at a young age, Aera was taken into a foster home when none of her relatives could be bothered to care for her after her parents passed away. Like many foster homes, life was never easy and it wasn’t long before young Aera started thinking of ways to escape the new prison she called “home”.

On the night of her escape, Aera bid farewell to what few friends she had made at the orphanage and slipped out into the streets, promising them that she would someday return when she had found a better life outside the orphanage walls.

As happy as she was to finally be free, young Aera quickly learned that life on the streets was far more difficult than the life she had been living in the orphanage; but she had her freedom, and it was something she valued more than anything.

Months later, Aera found herself fitting quite well in a very particular field of “work”, functioning as “the distraction”’ for a group of bandits while they raided unsuspecting travelers and civilians. It all changed one day however, when her group decided to ambush a traveler passing through town. As she finished doing her little act, Aera started to fear when none of her “friends” jumped out of their hiding places to execute the rest of the plan, which involved knocking out the traveler and rummaging through their belongings. As she turned to run, Aera found herself face to face with her supposed “target”, who seemed to have single-handedly knocked out the rest of her crew while she was busy putting on her performance. Frozen with fear, Aera could do nothing but stand still, paralyzed as the strange traveler approached her and lowered her hood.

“Do not be afraid, child.” said the traveler. “I knew what you and your friends were planning long before I set foot in this alley. Did you really think you could use the same cheap trick over and over?” Unsure of how to respond, Aera shook her head, still trembling with fear. “I see nothing but darkness in the hearts of your so-called ‘friends’, but you..” The traveler narrowed her eyes, sizing up the young girl before her with a scrutinizing look. “I believe you do not need to suffer the same fate as your comrades..” She placed something in the trembling girl’s hands and closed them around it gently. Aera, awestruck by the absurdity of the whole situation, mustered enough courage to ask the mysterious traveler what the meaning of all this was. The traveler simply smiled and said “An answer, filled with more questions.. and a +4 on your initiative roll. Talk to it, and it will guide you. Take this gift and learn its secrets.. Become greater than you have ever dreamed!”

With that, the stranger disappeared, seemingly into thin air; leaving Aera to stare at the “gift” so graciously granted unto her by the mysterious entity. Inside the clear stone lay an image of a raptor, glowing faintly as if waiting for something. She eyed it curiously and decided to follow the stranger’s advice. “What’s an initiative roll?”

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